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Creative storytelling with intrepid design.

We truly believe that the story you're telling to your audience is important. But it's the way you portray it that's critical for engagement. That's where we step in. Whether it would be marketing a social media campaign or attracting more clientele to your business, Addacity is here to make sure your audience is listening while engaging with your story and vision in unison..


When time finally comes to complete our household chores, outdoor yard work tends to be the most dreaded of them all. What if there were a service to help counteract this, all at the push of a button?

That’s where Curbify comes in.

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Prime Marketing

With our prime marketing service, we'll bring your ad directly in the hands of potential customers.

Web Design

Our design team is ready to portray your brand elegantly through all digital devices and platforms.

Web Development

From a simple landing page to an elaborate e-commerce website, Addacity has your business covered.

Mobile App Design

We deliver design assets that suit your unique app idea on all mobile devices, regardless of the format.

Mobile App Development

From Android devices to iPhones, our team is ready to deploy your application to all of your users, regardless of the device they’re using.

Brand Identity

Addacity goes beyond the logo designs, wireframes, or visual graphics - your brand essentially IS the business and it means much more.

Search Engine Optimization

You’ve done the hard work of building your product and/ or service for the consumers. Now let’s make sure your target market can find you as quickly as possible.

Video & Photography

We specialize in capturing the special moments - whether through stills or dynamic visuals. Let us be your eye while you live the moment.

Biz Consultation

All businesses, including our own, have all experienced the growing pains of running a lucrative venture. Let’s work together so we can help you grow and bypass the mistakes.