Curbify is a mobile application that allows the user to request lawncare services from their mobile device, all delivered by authorized workers called Curbifyers. It offers On-Demand curb appeal, and instant access to all the services you need in one place.

  • Company: Curbify
  • End Date: TBA early 2017
  • Category: Branding
  • Tags: Mobile App Design, Brand Identity, Mobile App Development

The Problem

87 percent of homeowners believe that it is imperative to have a well-maintained lawn. Yet, many have little to no time to complete said yard chores. What if there was a solution to fix this issue, giving homeowners their time back to spend as they please? What if this all came at the push of a button?

The Solution

Curbify is a mobile application that provides users with on demand home services such as lawn mowing, leaf collection and snow removal. Homeowners simply have to input their address, select a service of their choosing, then finally schedule and pay. Curbify will send out an authorized worker to assess your lawn area and complete the service as specified.